Polly meets five year old boys

June 4, 2009

Polly PlusLet me clarify, Arithmetic Village was inspired by a Steiner math gnome, but intended to cross over into mainstream schools.  My hope is to gift another approach to young children already inundated by academia. When people read that it was Steiner inspired, they thought “Great, a Steiner activity for my child!”.  True Waldorf curriculum’s do not start until after the age of 7 and I now had over a half of a class of Steiner 5 year olds. This thew me into a philosophical dilemma as well as a major curricula alteration.

So, this week we had two groups, the five year olds and  the sevens. “Polly Plus” was acted out by my 11 year old daughter and her friend.  Then the groups were split. The older children went on a treasure hunt, the younger children took turns acting out the play. When the older children returned with their loot-( ingredients for another activity) and the younger children went on their hunt. After the activities were finished I had a myriad of activities to try. (After last week, I didn’t want to be caught short.) With my daughter, her friend and I,  we managed to keep everyone engaged for the  hour until the ending circle. (Next week I will look for a grown up to help too, with the concepts becoming progressively complex.)

The parents gave me lots of praise as they left the story center. One person told me that her five year old son couldn’t stop talking about Arithmetic Village all week. NOW that”s a success I never thought I would attain:) Next week-Linus visits!


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