Terrific Tina Times…

June 18, 2009

TinaTimesI walked into the story centre with much more confidence this week. Nothing could be worse than last week, could it? Special activities were planned for the older eager girl, a strategy of involvement for the hyper big eyed boy, and lots to do for everyone else. Both children of whom I prepared a little extra were absent. I had a lovely group of 8 children ready to learn about Tina Times.

First, we acted out the book. The most active girl was Tina Times. The high heal boots slowed her down considerably:) (I was thankful to live in a country with accident compensation insurance instead of the land of lawsuits.) The younger children helped set up the scenes and most volunteered to be cats. (What is it with five year old girls and acting like cats?)

After the play, we went outside on the very cold but sunny day and made another game board with chalk. This time an older child was paired with a younger child. Each team drew rows of circles leading to a castle. I wanted there to be one hundred spaces, but other grown ups thought it was a too big of job. We agreed to 50. (In retrospect, i would have stuck to 100. The game needs more spaces and drawing ten circles ten times is easy and valuable for the kids for clear number concepts.) The younger child was the marker and rolled the dice. If a 2 and 3 were rolled, the older child drew circles around three markers and the younger child moved up six spaces. Everyone had fun doing this, especially when the numbers were big. After everyone made it inside, and easily distracted girl put down her chalk, we went inside for table activities.

The younger children decorated half of a butterfly and folded it to times it by two. The older children played resturant with soup bowls and jewels as manipulatives. They used these to complete a multiplication chart. I quickly noticed that this activity was way too complicated for the small group in front of me. I pulled out a Tina Times board game and they were relieved and happy.

I feel more on top of the program and delight in its development. Next week is the last workshop, I look forward to having fun with King Davide using all of the activities that this group enjoyed throughout the last month.

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