Be careful what you wish for…..

August 11, 2009

Arithmetic Village workshops started today for term three. I was so calm. I had reason to be. One, I had done this before. Two, I only had five children enrolled. Three, the children were all over seven years old.

I was wishing for a calm term. I purposely kept my mouth shut about the class around school parking lots. Except for being listed among lots of after school activities, I did not advertise. I secretly wished everyone with the slightest runny nose would stay away. (Especially after dealing with my own children’s slimy noses for the last couple of weeks.) Two children arrived quite early. This was to be expected as the class is starting 15 minutes later than last term. We waited and talked, the moms left. We waited and talked some more. Then some more. No one showed up. Swine flu? New Zealand measles outbreak? Sale at…..wait, no shopping on this island. Who knows why three children did not turn up today. Five children is a perfect number. Two is a bit too quiet.

The kids had a wonderful time. They both relished in the jewel storm at the beginning. We all decorated the treasure chests elaborately, politely complimenting each other on our choices.

The time passed fast, we got a lot accomplished, had some fun and it was very very calm. Dare I say it, I hope it is a bit less calm next week:)


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