crush on Linus

August 25, 2009

DSC03842I must admit, I have a bit of a crush on Linus Minus.  Really, he is an adorable mess.  He is busy and carefree and so are the activities around him . We had a full on playful “active maths” afternoon.  We played the chalk board game outside, had a treasure hunt, practiced cartwheels (to see who could lose the most jewels doing so), played hiding games and sorted treasures.  This group successfully put the books in chronological order.

My highlight was at the beginning of class.  One little seven year old couldn’t wait to show his mum his treasure chest.  In it are the books so far, crudely printed in black and white, crooked and imperfect from my computer.  He read them to his mom, both the whole way through. A seven year old boy sat his mom down to read her scrawny little stabled paper books.  He loved them and it showed. “That’s amazing” she said to me as she left and flashed me a smile.

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