Pleasant afternoon with Polly Plus..

August 25, 2009

polly plusMy wish was granted, all five children came to the second workshop. It was much more lively, but completely manageable. With a smaller group, I can see where everyone is mathematically  and tailor their activities. Some things that surprised me…

The Boys were perfectly OK, in fact all asked to be Polly and skip around the room acting out the book.

The wipe off board that didn’t go over well last time were loved this time. In fact, two children preferred playing with them verses the  board game.

Kids love scavenger hunts. If entire school curriculum’s were incorporated into scavenger hunts, we would live in a world of geniuses.

Seven year olds in New Zealand say “Damit” a lot. I know I am old. In my day, dammit was a swearword. I kept saying “Darn it”  but my comments went largely unnoticed.

Besides that, we had a perfectly pleasant playtime with Polly:)

2 Responses to “Pleasant afternoon with Polly Plus..”

  1. Eva Says:

    Hi..any ideas for a scavenger hunt for a 4.5 year old?

    • kimberlymoore Says:

      For four year olds I would leave picture clues to the next place to find the treasure! (Maybe with words under the pictures) If you are having the treasure hunt for Arithmetic Village with that age range, draw pictures of two sets of jewels with Polly in the middle and see if they can solve the equation before heading to the next destination.

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