November 28, 2009

I’ve had a busy week hosting a large thanksgiving gathering and raising my three beautiful girls. I did sneak out one night to attend a workshop by an  author. This man has over 100 titles published with 7 different publishers. He is a teacher who started writing educational books and is now writing mainstream picture books.

This man still has a day job.

If you want one of his books, he can’t  get one for you. Most had a short print run.  If they are available, he has to go through his agent to go to the publisher to ask about distribution.

At the same workshop there was a lovely couple. They are into homeschooling. What became clear to me during the night was that homeschoolers are my primary market, and the traditional publishing route is not the fastest or best way to reach them.

I do imagine a larger market. But to start off I will focus my website for home schoolers, parents and teachers.When the volume is measurable and the trend is evident, I will be in a better position to sell the product to a larger company.

Seeing this project manifest in this way is inspiring, for that, I am grateful:)


One Response to “grateful.”

  1. jingle Says:

    I am grateful for coming here and read you.

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