Spot the Difference..

March 9, 2010

When I was little, my favorite game was spot the difference.  I enjoyed comparing pictures and figuring out what was different or missing or changed. Now that I have most of my colored pictures from my brilliant illustrator, I am finding myself transported back to that time.  I think over every detail.. Are the obvious things correct, like the number of jewels on each page?  Is each page ethnically diverse? What color shoes should Polly wear?  Should the sun be brighter? (Or ,if it stands out will people take the sun as a representation of the ¨Son of God” and will it be religious?)

See, I tend to take great joy in over thinking things:)   Over thinking  is fun for me, but I bet it can be a bit much for the wonderful illustrator.  Maybe for fun, I will throw in a couple spot the difference games on the website.

Meanwhile..betcha can´t spot the mistake in this picture….

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