May 25, 2010

At my last mastermind meeting, my friend shared with me her concern that “Arithmetic Village” would not be marketed properly.  She’s probably right.  Right now I am not even thinking about marketing….  I am trying to get a product finished,  marketing is at least a couple of months away.  The very suggestions gave me a physical reaction.  Dare I say a negative physical reaction.  I deplore marketing.  In fact, the more you want me to buy your product, the less I want it. And although I want lots of children to read Arithmetic Village and I hope to do very well selling copies, I will not stoop to over the top marketing.  I will never use scare tactics, or pressure. in other words I will not use any proven methods of marketing.  I will rely upon word of mouth, and a couple of home school blogs, conferences, some google adds here and there, and see where that leaves me.  I have an instinct that it will naturally, organically grow big and strong on its own.  Call me a dreamer, but THAT is my favorite type of marketing. 🙂


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