Tree school….

May 26, 2010

When I think of my main demographic for “Arithmetic Village” it is obviously the homeschooled. Everyone who will ever learn math will benefit from AV. Hopefully schools will use it, and hopefully parents will have it at home.

But homeschoolers are close to my heart.
As a former teacher, I homeschooled both of my older children until they were seven. The oldest, I couldn’t keep home any longer, the middle daughter wanted to be with her friends. I am in awe of parents who continue though high school.

My 15 year-old loves school now. She enjoys latin and biology. Both children excel at math. I believe that giving my children a slow start, it gave them a firm grounding in imagination, play and problem solving.  They were in a much more confident place when they finally did enter school. I believe they excel at  school now because they aren’t burnt out. Sometimes my twelve-year-old reminisces about her home school experience she was in a small home school group.

They used to read books in trees.

She called it her tree school.


2 Responses to “Tree school….”

  1. Eva Says:

    I love that..”Tree school!”

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