Lesson plan lessons….

May 31, 2010

I promised my mastermind group that I would have the lesson plans for my website done today.  I started them last week.  I actually have them already written up from last years workshop.  But now I am hesitating.  I hate lesson plans.  I like lessons. The Structure of lesson plans are like this  blaablaa.. or the teacher on the peanuts cartoon.  It is the antithesis of fun. So, last week I sat and reviewed my lesson plans and stopped.  I had a better idea.  I will film my lessons.  This would be so much more FUN! And easier for everyone especially non teachers.  It will be more work for me, but it will at least be interesting. (I hope I am not insulting anyone who loves lesson plans or any intp personalities who thrive on this dissection of simple tasks) I will put up the lesson plans in written form for everyone first, then put up the videos when I host my next Workshops in July.  Yay!

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