Persnickety ….

June 2, 2010

It’s a reflective universe.  One of my biggest complaints about other people is that they can be too tied to detail, too careful, too exact.  I mean lighten up already.  I tend to nag my amazing partner, James about being too absolute.

Now I find that I am in the position of okaying the final pdfs for printing.  The hold up? Me. I am being a perfectionist.  The text has to be just so perfect.  Exactly to the requirements of my imagination. Why can’t everyone simply have telepathy? Why can’t every word be perfectly spaced?

I used to be Linus, but now I am Polly. I should have called her persnickety Polly, because everything has to be just so.:)

Almost done though, promise…Really… Very soon…Just a few more tweakes…

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