I wish….

June 20, 2010

I wish I was slick. Polished.

I wish I wasn’t trying to write this on a second-hand computer with my three-year old on my lap wanting me to put on a DVD.

I wish lunch wasn’t on the unsupervised stove while my 12 year olds hip hop music  blares from the computer as I type. In a panic. Frazzled.

I wish I hadn’t worked on the project all by myself.  Yes, I hired an illustrator and my partner helps. None of us are graphic designers, marketers, or children’s book publishers.

I wish this project evolved differently, a collaborative effort with friends who have those skills. I had a vision that we would all rejoice together in our combined effort and rewards. But this did not transpire.

I wish I was more confident about the look and feel of AV.

I wish I was a marketing genius as well as a mother and teacher.

I wish I could fast forward to six months so I could see how this all works out.

I wish I did not look at my amazing friends new books they are printing soon. My instinct was to not look, and I did, and now doubt has devoured me.

I wish I could turn back time.

Yea, I am just like Cher:)


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