We believe..

June 23, 2010

We all have opinions.


Rarely do two people think the same thing about anything.  You may have a friend who agrees with your politics and religion but not child raising.  You may be a vegetarian an your spouse is a butcher. You get the picture.

I have beliefs.

One of them is that we should be tolerant of others´ beliefs. That we should be open. Maybe what is right for one person is not right for another. Maybe we are supposed to live completely different lives simultaneously. Maybe we are supposed to see things differently. And maybe,  despite our best efforts to be completely open, we all basically believe what we want to believe in the end anyway.

Let me give you an example.. Last week my three year old daughter says, ¨ I can run soooo fast.  I am faster than a car! ¨.

¨Really? Because I thought that the reason we drive cars is to get places faster and I think that cars are faster than people.¨ I reason. ¨They are not, not faster than me, I am faster than a car,¨ she insists. ¨Really? Let’s try that out, come here and when a car comes run on the sidewalk and race it ¨.

One car zooms past..  Lets do it again… Zoom..again.. zoom…

She turns around, hands on hips… ¨See! I CAN run faster than  a car!¨ she says with a big smile.

I wonder how many times a day I delude myself, by only believing what I want to believe.

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