Really, really busy. (Really.)

June 24, 2010

You could imagine that with a huge project about to launch that I have been busy.  I need to get information out for Amazon, marketing materials sorted, plan for my workshops, film and clean up all of my lesson plans, etc, etc, etc.

So after my three daughters were at their schools, you could imagine that I would probably jumped right into my lengthy to do list, right?

Well, almost .First I  met some friends for coffee. This is  typical for me. We meet, check in and get on with our days. I find it vital for my mental health, my parenting and my relationship. I can also work quickly and inspired in cafeś,  the hustle and bustle sharpening me up. (like how I run a little faster in populated areas verses country roads)

So, today I popped in for a quick catch up. and left three hours later. It was three hours later.  Three hours.  THREE HOURS.  THREE. HOURS.

Yeah. I´ve been busy.


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