June 26, 2010

I subscribe to the rule of thought that we create our own reality.

Since my first knowledge of the reproductive process, I have been extremely careful not to have an unplanned pregnancy. Excruciatingly careful.  The fear of an unplanned pregnancy dominated my thoughts for my entire reproductive life. And I do not use the word “dominated” lightly here. I could not understand how people could engage in risky behaviour. Ever.  I was obnoxiously careful still I worried.

Flash forward to just after my 40th birthday,  I had just started dating a beautiful man.  (Well, exceedingly handsome) I believed (with much relief) that I was showing signs of menopause. He at 49 was childless. In the troughs of passion I took a risk.

That is all it took for my greatest fear to manifest.

When I first met her, I whispered with great relief. “If I knew it was you, I wouldn’t have been so worried.”

She is the most delightful, adventurous, loving child.

If you are curious about her journey thus far, you can follow it on her baby book blog…


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