Everyone should know Kate.

June 29, 2010

Everyone should know someone named Kate.  She should be bright and healthy with white hair and whiz by you on a bike- to go grocery shopping.  And when you strike up a conversation she should say to you- ¨We should have a cup of tea!¨.  And then she should tell you where her tea-pot is and tell you to make yourself at home- she´ll be there in a few minutes.

Then you should take her up on her offer, as you guiltily put your plastic bags on your car and drive yourself to her gate.  Then you should meander up her secret path,wet and slippery from the rain, littered with wildflowers. Then walk under tresses created from years of bending, folding. At last you will reach her little meadow, stop by her outdoor compost toilet, listen to  the birds and the waves, pass her merino wool on the washing line and make your way to the unlocked door of her simple cottage.

You will make yourself a cup of tea on her pot belly stove and pass her neat sitting area with interesting books and writings.  (you wont look- you will assume that they are interesting)

You will finally sit on her tiny little porch overlooking the meadow, trees, flowers and the bay below.

You will cry.

You will feel so grateful to have someone in your life so inspiring, like Kate.

One Response to “Everyone should know Kate.”

  1. Rosie Says:

    What a delightful peek into Kim. Thanks. Love Rosie

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