I am worried my baby will be ugly.

June 29, 2010


I admitted it, every parents fear.

Don´t deny it.

I am worried that the books in person will be unsightly.

I have no idea of how the colors will turn out, or how it will all look on paper.

I know it is the concept that matters, the insides that  count, but aren´t we still just a little artificial?  Are we not swayed by good looks and smooth talk? It has been proven that our pupils dilate when we see someone attractive – does that happen with books? If it didn´t matter, we would not  be offering university degrees in such things as marketing.

Looks do matter.

I was extraordinary fortunate with my biological children, could I be that lucky with the books? Am I pushing my luck? I wonder what will happen this week when they arrive.

Will I will be relieved, or will I have to learn to love them?

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