Respect yourself

July 7, 2010

I write and I cook, but I am not a writer and I am not a chef. I am a teacher, for that I am certain. I have a degree in teaching, early childhood education and psychology.  I have spent time in numerous schools, I have fostered the development of hundreds of children.

Occasionally, people who write start to think of themselves as writers, people who cook start to think of themselves as chefs,  people who have children start to think of themselves as early childhood professionals.  This is all natural human nature tendencies, and doesn’t bother me much.

What bothers me is this, as a teacher of a toddler room I was asked to babysit.  Fine.  I call it providing childcare, but I do enjoy it, was trained for it and was willing do it at your house.  Then I was asked to be a clean.  I do not know where anyone would believe for one minute that I had any sort of inclination or skill in this area.  ¨Have you ever seen the inside of my car?” was usually my answer.  I could joke about It , but as a professional,  did feel insulted.  A couple of times I was asked to serve food at a party. They obviously did not know me by my childhood nickname, clutzy Kimmy.

So anyway…

Experiences in the classroom are coming back to me now as I involve myself in my youngest daughters preschool. The teachers are feeling a bit dis-empowered. They are not involved in all that affects them.

Let me tell you something

The teachers are the school.

It could be in a barn, a field or a business complex, but the teachers are the school, treat them well.

If you are the teacher, you are the school, treat yourself well. (and hire a cleaner)


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