liar, liar.

July 13, 2010

I have an issue attracting liars. Iĺl spare you the stories- there are many.
Something happened this past weekend and I found my self lying.
Just a little one, but a lie, none the less.
The woman was discussing my partners work.  “What do you do with his organization?”, she asked.  I answered, “Nothing, I am not drawn to it, I do my own thing.”.  Then I went on this big rant about how I would never want to be seen as a trophy wife or one who simply supported her partners’ causes. I thought I explained myself pretty well, and that the answer would satisfy this self-proclaimed “eco-feminist”. But her “eco” was way bigger than her “feminist” because she didn’t leave me alone. She asked again, “So what part of (partner’s eco organization) do you belong to on Waiheke?”.  Then I lied.  I told her the heart and soul group and she seemed to relax.  So did I.

In an attempt to regain some integrity, I later told her that I did in fact lie to her, and that I did not belong at all in any way with James’ organisation.

The gift of this interaction is that maybe sometimes I come across so tenacious in my ideas and values, that people might lie to satisfy me.

Now I know the part I may play in lying.

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