Size does matter

July 16, 2010

When I started on this self publishing journey I didn’t know very much about printing. I still don´t. What I do know is that you need to know how big your book will be before anything else. I thought if I knew that it would be square, that would be enough. A friend recommended 160 mm square. perfect. So that is what I told the illustrator. Well, lucky for me, my illustrator is brilliant and she created 8 inch square pages instead which is very very good. The problem being – Lightning Source only does color books in 8.5 square sizes. Growing the images loses quality and adding the gutter and changing the format makes justifying the pages to match in a spread almost impossible.  We now have to beg the illustrator to work with the new graphics person to sort it all out.

The good news is that the first book sample is on its way… any day now and we can see what to do from there.


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