July 26, 2010

My week and thoughts this week have been ambushed. By some one really really short, but who is getting taller.  Yes, I am teaching this week twice, and I have offered my services o in service training for teachers at the preschool and have offered to work on friday, and have some meetings scheduled.  But all I can think about is felt fairies.  And pink sprinkles.  Zuva turns four on Tuesday.  She will have a fairly party.  It does not help that he birth  is in the midwinter (in NZ) so her party must be indoors.  It does not help her father makes a living discussing sustainability. (Plastic party bags are right out) I will try to sew felt fairy puppets. Domestic goddess I am not. I have cloth goodie bags, homemade play dough, healthy treats and a nice sturdy tea set for dishes and cups(only five girls will come) etc.  The real party will be on Tuesday,  on Wednesday sheĺl have a celebration at preschool and a family day  at the aquarium on Saturday.  One little child can ambush my attention so fully is fascinating. 🙂


One Response to “Ambushed”

  1. Rosie Says:

    Just read your blog since heart politics. Very interesting and makes me think I need to get a bit more … real in mine. SO – I’ll see you next week and would like a visit that includes Zuva – what time would work that I can see you then you and her?
    Love Rosie Oh and I have subscribed!

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