Does not work well with others..

July 27, 2010

Last year, when I offered Arithmetic Village workshops at ¨Once upon an Island¨,  I had complete authority of the class.  I created the curriculum, set the pace, managed behavior issues (or didn’t manage them depending on your own viewpoint.).  This time around,  I am a quest speaker in a funny sort of way, it is a new  collaboration with an established class and teacher.  The experience is beautiful and definitely more multidimensional this way.  instantaneous feedback, not from just the children, but from the teacher as well, about what we should and shouldnt do next.  It has its pros and cons. Pros for the project and cons for my ego.  So I will have to put my ¨Queen of the Village ego¨ in my back pocket while I explore different ways to enhance Arithmetic Village.

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