I take that back. :)

July 29, 2010

When I was little, (my mid thirties) and still  (sometimes) I resort to odd, self depreciating behavior like writing post titles as below.

So, I take it back.

I actually do work well with others.  In fact, I learn a lot from them and am very good at sharing.

Helping out with arithmetic village today at the home school was a Blast! The teacher is so incredibly amazing.  She read Linus Minus then made up a whole different story afterwards  about Linus going to one of the children’s birthday parties.  The children followed along with the jewels in front of them working out each equation. They laughed as Linus kept loosing jewels in the car, his mothers pocket, on the swings.

It made me reflect and get excited about our on-line village for parents and teachers to share ideas! I was inspired to run quickly down to the beach to do a little beach math video for the site just to start it out. I know more ideas will emerge.

So, today,I digress. I work with others and firmly believe that we are all smarter collectively!

One Response to “I take that back. :)”

  1. Rosie Says:

    There you are – it came through to my inbox. No hiding from me! So glad its going so well. Love Rosie

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