July 30, 2010

Last night I attended teacher interviews at my oldest daughter’s school. It is an all girl Catholic school, funny really, if you knew me well. I thought the perfect school for her was a Waldorf school on an organic farm. What do I know? (A different post for another day.)

This daughter of mine is every teachers dream – bright, attentive, enthusiastic.  I go to these meetings mainly to check in with the teachers and to tell them how much I appreciate their work and how grateful I am for their participation in my  childs experience.

I think affirmation is an important part of life.

As I was waiting, I looked around at the walls. Everywhere I looked, there were inspiring stories from influential female scientists and poets and mathematicians. The walls were also decorated with beautiful affirmations. ¨Be yourself¨. ¨You can do it¨ etc.

It felt so wonderful to be in a place without DONTS. Don´t touch this, don´t do that. etc. Even the construction signs said ¨Please use the other path¨ – instead of ¨DO NOT use this one¨!

I found myself reflecting on our environments – are they positive? How do we word situations? Do we surround ourselves with beauty or conflict? How do we spend our days? I believe positive affirmations and experiences are the building blocks to a happy life.

Then I thought of my friend Rosie.  Rosie is creating a new type of participatory art for children using affirmation. Her is her link. Itś evolving into a beautiful experience for children, I cant wait to finally use it with my daughters.

Meanwhile, I am grateful to have my eldest child surrounded by so much love and affirmation at home and school. (And thanks for reading- have a  beautiful day!)


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