I am telling you..

August 4, 2010

If  I come back, I will be a gospel singer.  Something about these songs and voices touch a deep, indescribable part of me. This song has not stopped playing in my head for a few weeks now…

I have felt like this before, when I was young and in love.  I am in love now, deeply, but this song does not resonate at all with my relationship, so why wont this song leave me?

I pondered this in the car this morning it came to me – my eldest daughter.  She is 15.  She is growing up.  And I aint leaving.  I guess the concept of letting go of love takes many forms. No one prepared me for the  pain of watching someone grow up and away. My happiness does not depend on this child.  I am blessed to have her, and I know I will always have her, but the act of parenting, immediate parenting, daily parenting, disappears so very quickly.

2 Responses to “I am telling you..”

  1. kimberlymoore Says:

    I sang this to my teenagers last night. They were bemused. I think they appreciate the sentiment and are only slightly concerned about their mothers sanity.

  2. Sherri Lauer Says:

    Don’t worry Kim, you will still be parenting. I doesn’t just end at 18 when they leave. Yes it’s not daily, but believe me that is a blessing. When they are home you have to treat them like adults (even though you know they are not really adults). But you wait up for them when they are out, you never know if they will be home for dinner, they are up all night rattling around the house, and they still expect you to cook and clean for them.They get upset if you remind them of anything and they get upset if you they forget and you don’t remind them. Believe me, when the time comes, you miss them, but you are also happy to see them go. Because for the first few hours when they come back, they actually appreciate you.

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