I dream of tomatoes..

August 5, 2010

Ever since I fell in love with James, I have been educated in the ethics of food.  This is great because I love being ethical, but un-great because I love tomatoes. Really. I love salad with dinner and serving salad without red juicy things on top seems, well, wrong. They are always near, those tomatoes shipped in from far away countries using oodles of fossil fuel and human energy and pesticides and nifty lighting. They taste like plastic after being picked green and sitting around to ripen with lights on the other side of the planet. I´m not ashamed of my occasional superficiality and my salad looks lonely without them.

I hold tight to my values and do not  buy them. I patiently wait for the summer season, but last night I did dream about them. Really.

2 Responses to “I dream of tomatoes..”

  1. Sherri Lauer Says:

    Kim, there are tomatoes on the vines here right now, you just need to come and visit again!

  2. kimberlymoore Says:

    Now those would be some expensive tomatoes!!

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