Doesn’t Bite

August 9, 2010

This shark is bright, beautiful and honest. She has super human powers of sound, smell and touch. She lives by routine and the simple process of growing up can sometimes cause too much disruption. She is self-aware and self-absorbed. She eats the same three meals for months on end. She doesn’t see the point in fiction. She doesn’t like surprises. Or change. You don’t know what might upset her. She keeps you guessing.

She is unbending in her need for understanding and predictability in a misunderstood and unpredictable world.

Sometimes she is engaged, sometimes she is stone. Or porcelain.

I have learned more about this world, love, honesty and myself from this being than any other I have met.  She defies statics. Her path is unchartered.

This twelve-year-old daughter is my greatest teacher and my favorite challenge. And, she never ever bites.

2 Responses to “Doesn’t Bite”

  1. Sherri Lauer Says:

    If she saw this, she might bite you just to keep you guessing!

  2. kimberlymoore Says:

    Oh yeah, If she ran across this post, I would surely pay for it in some way or other. But I know her well enough that the suffering would not involve biting. I envy young families who blog about their domestic life freely because their children have yet to read. The last thing she wants to do with her computer time is check in on her mother.

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