Excuses, excuses.

August 12, 2010

My last book should come in the mail any minute.  The  mailbox is searched every return home.  Once it is here, the web site should be ready.

No excuses.

The actual site development is some one else’s responsibility, but the content is not.

The lesson plans should be finished.  The videos should be finished.

They are not.

My list of excuses is long, including three demanding children, a busy partner, volunteering at preschool, blogging, reading blogs, laundry, tutoring,  cooking, researching, etc.

These are excuses. Lame excuses.

The fact is I do this. I procrastinate and then get a rush at the last-minute. I always have.  I used to slip university papers under the door just making the deadline.  I still do this, I now set my own deadlines, just to get the fire in my belly so I can just make it.  It must have something to do with an addiction to adrenaline, or lack of iron, or something.  I could ponder it a bit, but it would be  another excuse to procrastinate….

I can’t eat chocolate or blog until they are done. Ok, just kidding, no blogging until they are done.


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