August 27, 2010

As I approached the door, I could hear ¨Kim’s here! Kim’s here!” My ego wanted to take all of the credit for this enthusiasm, but I knew that “Kim here!” meant we get to have a PARTY! It was the last day for Arithmetic Village and a great celebration was planned.

Everyone was dressed up. The teacher was a fairy, three children were King David, one child was Tina Times, one child was Polly Plus, one child was Linus Minus, one child was a villager, and one child was Rover.

The children went outside and the teacher and I prepared the room. We set up the desks like a long table and decorated with lovely cloths and flowers. Each childs treasure chest was on their plate. A special store was set up.  It had lots of mystery boxes, food and goodies.

When we opened the doors and the children floated in, the boys in front said, ever so softly, “Awesome…” I could have died and went to heaven right then, for when you can get a couple of eight year old boys to walk into a room filled with pretty materials and flowers and get an awesome, you know that you are standing in the middle of a miracle.

After the children sat down, we opened the store. Children took their jewels and bought items from the store and brought them back to the table. Turns were taken until all of the merchandise and jewels a were gone (some children combined jewels for an item). Then the children took turns sharing the loot.  The merchandise had to be shared evenly any left overs went to little Sabina – I mean ROVER. So much was shared, the children were overwhelmed with gratitude. I can remember the following shared items: wooden ladybugs, balloons, jewels, chalk, candy, cookies, necklaces, and stickers.

After everything was shared, the children sat me down in a special chair. In pairs they approached me with a card and a gift. They had all been sewing the little finger puppets that I so loved that the teacher made. So much thought had gone into those gifts. The wrapping paper matched the color for each character, the children had worked so hard finishing the puppets and the cards were stunning. Since the rules were “Be kind to each other and share all the jewels”, the children were all very good citizens.

Here are some photos from the day…

Polly minds the store.


I was honored with gifts!

One Response to “Celebration!”

  1. Rosie Says:

    How very lovely. Well done. This is your reward for all those lesson plans!

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