the bright side.

September 8, 2010

My middle daughter wasn’t feeling well again today, so stayed home. I’ve had altogether 12 hours child free this term. James had to go into the city for some work and Zuva didn’t want to go to kindy. I’ve also volunteered to chair a big meeting tonight at school and am feeling overwhelmed by the content.

I was a bit grouchy. I complained a bit this morning. James would have none of it. He reminded me of the great things that have already happened before 9am. Our children are not always healthy, but are fabulous. We live in a beautiful place and love what we do and I received a lovely offer to write a review for the books this morning. Surprise support keeps coming1   He was right.

The minute I started thinking of the bright side, everything shifted. I ran into Kate. She is going to help me with the meeting tonight. Then I waked into a cafe. It was mildly busy, with all sorts of people scattered about. I smiled and loudly said “Good morning! Only on Waiheke can I  walk into a cafe and know every single person in it.”  They laughed and one person said that some times that isn’t such a positive attribute to living on a small island.

Today, I disagree.

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