Big Love

September 14, 2010

I have a friend, Donna.

She welcomes everyone as if they have come back from the dead every time she greets them.

And makes sure they have a seat.

And a refreshment.

She radiates so much joy I wonder how she keeps from bursting.

I have been cautious of her. Is she sane? Stable?

I have experienced her consistency. Her journey unwavering. She is committed to ¨being¨ the world she wants to see.

She offers her home to strangers.

She creates sanctuaries for mothers.

She raised her sister’s child for three years. (But that’s a book..)

She now runs a raw food cafe. On a ¨gift economy¨. Which means, you choose your food and pay with big love – or nothing. And she will love you regardless.

She is still in business.

Some say this is an unrealistic way of being. But yet, it is real. Who’s to say we can’t change the reality that stems from fear into one that stems from love?


2 Responses to “Big Love”

  1. Jacinda Says:

    I’m wondering whether this is the same Donna as I have met. Sounds like it. Wow, we need leaders like this.

  2. kimberlymoore Says:

    Well, if you know “daring Donna” than that would be the one!! But wouldn’t be nice if there were lots of Donnas like this?

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