September 15, 2010

First tooth, first solids, first steps, first words, first tantrum, first “I love you mommy”, first day of school, first slumber party, first report card, first bully, first horse, first tooth out, first crush, first bra, first makeup, first kiss, first restriction, first time driving, first heartache, first “I hate you”, first door slam, first drink, first piercing…….

Most mom blogs talk openly and honestly about their young children: childbirth, nursing, crying, smiling, tantrums and toileting.  My four-year old is easy to write about, it’s the teens that pose the challenge. See, as teens, they READ. They also go on the internet. So do their friends. I understand the need to be anonymous.

How many people make it to adulthood without a kiss, body image issues, a drink of wine, insecurity or depression? And which one of us would like those issues plastered on the internet?  I think it is a common misconception that children need you less as they get older, the job of mothering changes, but does not diminish in intensity. The commitment stays, the issues change.  Playgroups become cliques. Birthday parties become proms. (And the games played are very different).

So, this time in my life is dedicated to mothering teens and joy and angst that entails. Anyone know of any good raising teen blogs?


2 Responses to “Firstly…”

  1. Jacinda Says:

    Good point. Wouldn’t a few good teen blogs be great! I have heard that “The Case Against Adolescence” by Robert Epstein is worth a read. I’m sure the main message in those imagined for-parents-of-teen blogs would be something like “Forgive yourself.”

  2. kimberlymoore Says:

    I guess for me, as an early childhood educator, I had more awareness about what to expect in the early years. Now, as a mother of adolescents, I am continually surprised at what I am handling. I thought if I was superwoman a the beginning, I could ride out the teenage years easily, but it’s not always about me! I hate that lesson:)

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