Thank you, Thank you..

September 30, 2010

I threw a bit of a pity party yesterday and I was the only guest.

I tried to stop it, I did. I even played this video from my friend Natalie Merchant. Well, not really my friend, but at a concert we made eye contact and she asked me if I had a request.  I wanted to suggest “My Beloved Wife” or “Seven Years” or some equally less known recording that I love. I imagined that she would be so impressed of my knowledge of her music and invite me to a party after the concert . As I was daydreaming, she was waiting for my answer, so I blurted out “These are the Days” which was a popular song, but all I could remember, especially since it was my first dance song at my wedding.. So where were we?

Oh yes. I was pretty succesful at feeling sorry for myself. My list of complaints was long. I realized I was being ungracious, I tried to be bigger than myself, it just wasn’t fitting.Then, I thought of another longtime friend whom I’ve never met, Oprah Winfrey. Years ago, when I allowed myself the occasional tv show, Oprah was talking about gratitude. She said that one day, she was feeling sorry for herself and called her friend, Maya Angelou for some comfort. Do you want to know what Maya told her? Call me back after you’ve said thank you 100 times. She told Oprah to go into the bathroom, look in the mirror and tell herself 100 things for which to be grateful. So I pretended that Maya gave me that advise. (Because you know she would be one of my bff’s too if she only knew me).

I didn’t really go into the bathroom and talk to myself, or start writing a list, because I’m not literal like that, but I did start thinking about all of my blessings. They are many. And in the end, it worked. (Maya Angelou is a genius.)

I picked myself up, washed the dishes and my face, drove off the ferry where I got the best parking space ever, grabbed myself a glass of champagne on the boat and met my gorgeous daughters in the city to see a contemporary ballet. Very blessed indeed.

Thank you. Thank you.

2 Responses to “Thank you, Thank you..”

  1. Hi Kimberly, I couldn’t agree more with you about Maya Angelou. In fact this weekend I must now get some of her books off the shelves and read her again. It’s been too long. Happy birthday for next week – on the other side of the planet I’ll be almost sharing a birthday with you 🙂

    • kimberlymoore Says:

      Zoe, it’s lovely to find another Maya Angelou fan! It is also inspiring to see the format of your blog, I think reading and then partaking in an activity is such a great way to learn, and those hats were amazing!

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