When you have a four-year old daughter..

October 14, 2010

When you have a four-year daughter, a fluffy animal will accompany her everywhere, even on a boat.

Your hallway will become a fortress.

There will be glitter in the carpet and in her hair. Sand will now be fairy dust.

Any reason will be a reason to paint. And to use real scissors.

If you sit still for too long, your face may end up looking like the one below…


Sometimes she will “disappear”, only to be replaced by a kitty, who will meow for days.

And there will be lots of stories, long stories. With a very, very long beginning and never a middle or an end. And they will be captivating.

She will change her clothes four times a day. At least.

Her name may change and so will her imaginary friends’.

Luckily for me, I’ve raised two other four-year old girls. I know that eventually, the glitter disappears, the hallway clears and the stickers stay on paper.

So, treasure the four-year old moments.


One Response to “When you have a four-year old daughter..”

  1. Four is absolutely delicious as is five, six, seven….. 🙂

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