Open for business..

October 21, 2010

I am now a business woman. I never thought I would ever write those words. Labels I am comfortable with: Teacher – check, Mom – no doubt. Partner – I’m the best, Activist – absolutely.  But business woman? I’ve really never had such an inspiration.  How do I know that I am a business woman? I know because when I came home after dropping off the kids, there were big boxes outside my door. They were sent to Cliff Top Press, which according to all matters legal is my business. And in these boxes were books. So now, as a business woman I have objects to sell. It’s a bit funny really, a bit surreal. But here I am, today I am to figure out how to pull together a table for a local market. In less than 40 hours. Then I get to be a “sales person”. Which goes to show you that I really love these books, because I can’t sell anything I don’t desperately believe in. All of the girls have kicked in to help, the living room is full of ribbon, jewels, flags and books.

Have no idea what the heck I am talking about? Here is Arithmetic Village’s first Review

Wish me luck in this very new role!


4 Responses to “Open for business..”

  1. Smug Mama Says:

    What kind of books are you selling? Good luck on your new business!! I would think that people would like books a lot more than they would like make-up, so I think you will have no trouble selling them all!!

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Smug Mama- click over to Arithmetic Village on the right. It’s the “The Other World” I have been developing for the last five years. Maybe for when your little one gets older?

  3. You can do this. It is fun being a business woman when you are “selling’ what makes lives and families better.

  4. Good luck Kimberly, I think you’ll be totally surprised. 😀

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