Time flies, like stuffed animals..

November 15, 2010

I’m having a hard time finding time. Time for myself. Time for Arithmetic Village. James works long hours, volunteers long hours and when he does take our active child on an adventure, I am usually cooking or being available for my older daughters.

I have added a few new activities to my schedule Tuesday tennis and Wednesday teen parenting class. This has taken away 4 hours per week. I need those hours back, but I don’t want to give up those activities. Trying to type or think or plan when surrounded by a young child, for me, is impossible. This morning, my dear friend, Rosie had a play date for an hour and a half. Read about it here. But that was only enough time for me to do a little accounting.

She has playdough, she has toys,she has crayons and paper, but yet, she still wants my attention. (My clue…A stuffed animal just bounced off my head, followed by an insincere “sorry”) I am trying to get through all of the homeschool blogs nominated by the Homeschool Post and I can’t help but wonder how all of these moms keep up their blogging. I’m off to play with this child in the park.

2 Responses to “Time flies, like stuffed animals..”

  1. I have a hard time finding the time to write as well. I often settle on a blog post rather than adjust it and make it what I want it to be. I hate doing that.

  2. Dawn Says:

    I have recently re-vamped my priorities after attending The Relevant Conference, and I now set aside time 2 or 3 times per week to blog. Meaning, I write several posts at once, schedule them ahead, and move on. I need to be present in my home with my family first, and my blog comes in after that. I am still an active blogger, but I am not spending even half the time that I was before, chasing down Linkies and things like that.

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