One of “those” moms…

January 22, 2011

I’ve become one of “those” moms. You know, the ones who can’t wait for their child to go off to school or childcare. I was NEVER one of those moms. I was the Queen of attachment parenting. I nursed longer than I care to share via the internet. Although I spent a decade working in Child Care Centers, my children have never seen the inside of one. I hand make Halloween costumes and birthday cakes and crowns and invitations.

This is how I have defined who I am.

I feel the changes. Time and place have made me less judgmental, more easygoing.

My life has changed. I have a very, very busy four-year old. People tell us that maybe we should feed her some junk food and sit her in front of a TV for a while. She bothers her older sister who has constant sleep overs (at thirteen) so I try to keep them separated and busy and happy. Twenty-four seven. I don’t live near family. I don’t have a babysitter. (Her 15 year old sister is on an adventure.)  I am closer to 50 years than 40 years old, but just barely. I am passionate about my new business that I have no time for in between pleasing everyone.

We have experienced a very wet summer and school has been out almost two months.

So I wait. I actually cross the days off the calendar until the doors open at the beautiful Steiner pre-school on the organic farm down the street. I dream of my four-year old running into angelic Kelly’s arms to spend the few mornings per week baking bread and playing. And I don’t even have to be there, or to clean up the kitchen or the Forts afterwards.

Until then, I wait, on beaches, even in the rain, for that day to come. And I try to learn patience and appreciate this child who surprised me years after I was finished having children. She teaches me to stop and wait and listen. And most importantly, to never, ever judge other mothers.


2 Responses to “One of “those” moms…”

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  2. Smug Mama Says:

    I have heard that this happens, that at some point, after you have worked so hard to get your child to walk and talk, you just want them to be quiet and stop running around. I think it’s normal.

    Something I like about your post is that you are “admitting” that you are looking forward to some down time, while never blaming your child. You still love and adore the miracle that she is, while looking forward to a less busy life. I love that!

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