My Funny Valentine

February 13, 2011

James and I have had two  serious arguments, both about vegetables.

This man has a compassion for food you might normally associate with Mother Theresa’s  compassion for orphans.

The first time we fought over a vegetable it was a cauliflower. Not just any cauliflower, but a home-grown from seed cauliflower. I over steamed it. You would have thought that I had just bludgeoned a baby seal just for kicks.

The second argument was about my waste of Vegetables. Yes, he thought it was a good idea, knowing I was a bit hormonal, I was very very busy and he decided that that was  a great time to take out the poor dead soggy lettuce at the bottom of the vegetable tray and start a discussion on more meticulous menu planning. He was wrong.

I don’t think of myself as wasteful. (At least I am not purposefully wasteful) That which is not used in our household is eaten by ducks, chickens or worms. So all in all I think I am particularly virtuous. But see I don’t make a living teaching in the conservation and sustainability arena.

But hey, we don’t fight about money, where to live, how to raise the children, he’s patient and kind and generous. He is exceptionally good-looking and a fabulous partner.

So I can find some compassion for the carrots I cook, be a little more conservative so we don’t have overweight ducks. And for Valentines day, I think I’ll make him a lovely salad…


6 Responses to “My Funny Valentine”

  1. Wow! My husband and I fight about all of the above.Very sweet V-Day post

  2. I loved the Valentine thought. It reminds me that all marriages are different and mine isn’t really so strange! : ) Happy Valentines Day.

  3. aw…nice! (the salad, that is!) : )

  4. jamaise Says:

    Your post made me smile. I am the Lorax and I speak for the lettuce 🙂

    Sunrise Learning Lab sent me :)) Thank you!

    • kimberlymoore Says:

      Jamaise- I speak for the lettuce:) How do you know that the Lorax is the one dvd our daughter is allowed to watch? That was too funny 🙂 I’m glad you found your way here from Sunrise Learning Lab!

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