Peace and quiet…..

February 27, 2011

How I ended up in a tiny, rundown room in a very old brick building which conveniently also housed the tavern that sold the cheapest beers in Auckland is a long one, so I’ll just jump to my intention there:

To get away by myself for 24 hours to focus on the Arithmetic Village design.

The paint chipped walls were covered with inspiration boards: Colors, characters, fonts and designs.  My glue stick went crazy with scissors and the pencils. Sushi, chocolate, bottle water and music kept me going until night fall.

All was going pretty well until the hours of 11-3am. The zombies filled the street. Trash cans toppling, swearing, drunken rages ensued. I was too nervous to lift my blinds. This is when I swear a mute person was being murdered in the room next to me. The glass breaking and thumping  was terrifying. I reached to call the front desk and did not have a phone in my room. I called james (like he could save me..) but alas, James sleeps through parades. It turns out it was a bunch of twenty something girls..

Despite those four yours of terror, I finished more in those hours few hours alone than I could in a week at home.

I wondered if I perplexed the regulars, or if it was normal for middle age women with arm loads of art supplies to rent rooms from them on Saturday nights…

2 Responses to “Peace and quiet…..”

  1. Sherri Lauer Says:

    A mute person being murdered?! You always did have a wild imagination.

    • kimberlymoore Says:

      Yes i know sometimes my imagination is an asset sometimes it is a liability. There was lots of thumping and no noise..

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