March 21, 2011

Yes, I am expecting.

This is not my first time, so you might think my youthful enthusiasm is unwarranted.

But this baby is new.

Different than the previous models.


I feel like a new mother anxiously awaiting her first contraction, but in reality I am simply awaiting the arrival of my new iPad 2.

I know that this is pathetic.


Before you judge, please know that there is a huge age space between computers. Currently I have three old models in my home. None of which can access videos without excruciating slowness.

One computer lacks an “L” “.” and a “,”.”.  Try writing a sentence without one of those. Or, do what I have been doing, copying those from other text (usually in a different font) and pasting them. Even a Facebook status can take 3 times what it should.

The dinosaurs are also shared with my three daughters (two teens) who are raised without tv. (I know, screen time is screen time, but at least it is interactive and there are no commercials).

You may see now why I am so excited!

But wait, there’s more!

But the main reason I invested in the new iPad is for iDraw.

Finding another person to re-illustrate Arithmetic Village has proven to be difficult. It seems there are very few telepathic artist out there willing to do my illustrations for close to no money. This is why I went away for a night with a pencil and pad of paper, I needed to know if it was possible for me to draw Arithmetic Village all by myself. The answer was YES.

Of course it will retain many of the same elements of the old version. As my character descriptions and directions to the illustrator were very, very specific. But this new version will be more true to how I always imagined the books to look.

This “new baby” will enable me get my ideas from paper to print.

The only question now is whether to get a brief case or a sling.

2 Responses to “Expecting..”

  1. You are not pathetic, you are hiarious!!!! I can’t imagine doing my work with your dinosaurs so I can also imagine your anticipation. I will be glad when the “new baby” is here.

  2. Jacinda Says:

    We have just been staying with friends with slow internet..it was excruciating so I can understand the excitement although i was a little excited that you were expecting a new human baby! I’m easily excited by pregnancies.

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