The Daddy Button

March 26, 2011

The daddy button.

The problem with sharing children is the daddy button.

When you are living with the father of your child, most likely he is your lover and partner.

So when your child has a disagreement with you and she pushes the “daddy button” he can’t do anything. You will give him “the look” and he will side with you. She will just pout and maybe later he will sneak her some candy.

But when you do not live with the father of your child, it is a whole different ball game. There are no rules. The Daddy button is great!  Understandably, he is delighted to respond to the “daddy button”. He will be loved by her while aggravating you at the exact same time- perfect!

In-fact, making you look bad might be his greatest pleasure.

Pushing the “daddy button” might look like this….(any similarity to the events to this morning are purely coincidental)

“Help daddy, help! Pick me up, mom is unreasonably horrible”

“I know that honey princess, what did she do this time?”

“She wouldn’t let me wear pants to a boys house”


Between sobs:

“She wont let me wear pants, pick me up..”

Father talks to Mother- “Why won’t you let our precious daughter wear pants?”

Mother “They are Pajamas”

Father “Oh.”

Mother “She wanted to wear pajamas to a boys house, I told her to change and she slammed the door and woke up the neighbor’s baby, and I think triggered a mini tsunami in Sri Lanka.”

Father “Well, she is really, really upset and hyperventilating”

Mother “Yes, she is.”

Father “You should talk to her”

Mother  “I’m waiting until we calm down.”

Father “Poor girl, you won’t even talk to her,  I’ll pick her up”

It will be much harder to press the daddy button when he moves to LA next month.

Or she will rack in lots of frequent flyer miles.

At least I think this is how a Daddy Button might work, it is all hypothetical, I’m sure none of my angelic daughters would ever push one…


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