A Fabulous Fayre!

April 5, 2011

Sunday was the day. The weather was perfect. At least one thousand people from our island or one eighth of the population came out to play. There was music, dancing, games, story quests and queens. Pumpkins were weighed, educational workshops attended, craft and cake stalls sold out of their wares. Plants and clothes and toys were purchased. the wooden swords were popular. Another mum, Christy writes about it here.

I set out an “Arithmetic Village” table, managing it and the silent auction table at the same time. I sold quite a few sets which was rather exciting, but what I learned was even more wonderful.

I learned …

One child who attended an “Arithmetic Village workshop” two years ago, still plays with her manipulatives and books. Her mom said just last week her daughter brought the kit out to dinner and played with it while the adults had a delightful time.

A teacher on the island is using the program with her second grade class. They are playing with Linus now and the child who discovered the book table was so surprised to see the other characters. She can’t wait until they read Tina Times!

The Waiheke Librarian can’t wait to get some in the library. I was hesitant as I know the second edition will be debuting soon and might like to wait. She suggested that I submit both.

I was heartened by the support by the community (We raised almost $9,000- over $3,000 from the auction). I was entertained by the happy children and music and people. And on top of that I was reassured of Arithmetic Villages’ lasting appeal and inspired by how the program is being embraced by the educational community.

What a delightful day!


One Response to “A Fabulous Fayre!”

  1. Sherri Lauer Says:

    Way to go!

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