To the land…

April 19, 2011

Off we go, to the land.

A place my partner would like to live, but I have yet to step foot on..

I will go and visit for a few days, skeptically, he knows I am a terrible follower. My heart is drawn to the south, this place is north. Maybe we can manage both…

Whatever the outcome, it will be nice to be away for a while. Just the “three of us” part of our family of five. The older girls will enjoy spending a long Easter weekend with their father before his departure.

In the throes of preparation to leave, we have offered our home to some refugees from Christchurch for a few days.

Everything is shaking in New Zealand, both in reality and figuratively.

I’ll explain more about this land later, after I meet it.

Until then, Happy Easter.

2 Responses to “To the land…”

  1. Rosie Says:

    How far south? How far north. Its a bit of a pain being a stuck for life on Waiheke person as so many people come and go. Rosie

    • kimberlymoore Says:

      Years away if anything.. Kaitia and wanaka…:) I can’t actually imagine leaving waiheke ever..

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