Something about April…

April 29, 2011

In Auckland, 18 years ago this month, I sat in the cafe across from the aquarium and made a pact with my new husband. We would go back to California, have two children and return to New Zealand to raise them.
Eight years from that date, we arrived in New Zealand with our two adorable daughters, and eight suitcases. Six of them were full of toys.

I believe in trusting your intuition. I’m glad we did.

So, tonight, another night in April we will celebrate all things Kiwi. The black singlets, the gumboots, the pavlova, the wine the beer, the self depreciating. The duct tape and number 8 wire.

We will also celebrate my ex- husband. We will honor him for staying in this country longer than he was comfortable, longer than his heart could bear. Now that his girls are old enough to travel by themselves (and keen) he is following his intuition back to California. Back to a love he had before I  knew him.
He again has the courage to follow his intuition and change direction.

My, how the winds of change blow in April.

The shared meal and the Finn Brothers start at 6, all are welcome.

2 Responses to “Something about April…”

  1. If I was close enough I would surely be there! : )

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