Lip biting.

May 12, 2011

For almost two months, I haven’t been fully present to this blog. My attention has been diverted an issue that is difficult for me to write about sensitively, or objectively. I have, on-line and off, practiced patience and lip biting and positive thinking. I have teetered a bit from negative fear based thoughts and positive love based thoughts, I think love won in this circumstance. So this morning I blog from my desk with all of my children at home sleeping in their beds. They have no plans for leaving, their lunches are ready, the birds are singing and I feel like I just won the life lottery (without the money).


One Response to “Lip biting.”

  1. James Says:

    If I say ‘congratulations’ it’s not because you’ve won a battle with another, but rather because you’ve made a major transition while maintaining respectful and honest communication in the midst of abundant opportunities to react and do otherwise.

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