June 23, 2011

All three children were safe and supervised elsewhere.

Time for work.

I chose bed instead.

Two hours later I sat at my desk, staring blankly  the wall.

Five books.

Due soon.

I attempt the computer program again. To simply shrink an image. The symbols make no sense. Why does everyone else get this? Is it too much to expect a computer to read my mind? Really? Even in 2011?

I shared my problem with my reluctant partner (reluctant to discuss my relationship with computers, not reluctant to be my partner. 🙂 )
He says,”Maybe you need a team.” (oh how I hate this argument I am superwoman!)
“Maybe computers just aren’t your thing.”
I sink further into my funk.
Five books.
Two months.

People are waiting.

tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick……..
I almost skip my business support meeting. I couldn’t face it.

Reluctantly I went. (To get out of cooking dinner.)

Maybe they will skip me.

They don’t.

I share my dilemma. I almost cry, but hold it together. (It is a business meeting, for Pete’s sake.)

They tell me..”It sounds like you just need someone to input your drawings, and make a few adjustments.”

Yes I say.

I love drawing. Drawing is not the problem.  The layout and rendering are the problem.

Yes, I need someone to help me. I will not be superwoman. I am not a graphic artist.

I visualize a mum I know. She has these skills. I will find some way to contact her.

It is decided.
I drive home a different route.
I see a woman and child walking.
The road is empty and so are the sidewalks.
All except me and them.
It is that woman.

I pull over and we talk.

Is she available for work?

Yes, she says, her schedule just freed up.
We are having our first meeting next week.
Ask and you shall receive.

Sometimes you just need to know what to ask for.

One Response to “Ask.”

  1. Oh I can so relate! but I have not received yet. I pray soon. Technology just wears me down!

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