Tina Times twenty….

July 10, 2011

This was the very first copyright version of Tina.

As a former teacher, I know you are not supposed to have a favorite student, but sometimes you do. Tina Times is mine.

I am really picky about representing her just right. When I hired an illustrator last year I was picky about all of the characters, their height, age, clothes, ethnicity and hairstyle needed to be just right, just how I imagined. How I specified.  I am sure I was a pain for the illustrator, but it was my vision, right?
This need to represent Arithmetic Village characters a very specific way is the main reason I choose to illustrate this version myself.

(There had to be a good reason as the only thing that qualifies me to be an illustrator, is that I am pretty good at Pictionary.)

The illustration course I took helped a bit, and the books will have a whole new style, but the characters will barely be different. The layout will not be very different. Both of these things, the layout and the characters were copyrighted years before I took the product to market.

During that time, lots of people have sent me their versions. Here are some for your enjoyment.

Now I’m off to work…:)


4 Responses to “Tina Times twenty….”

  1. Frankly I like yours best and so would lots of little kids. She is soooo cute. : )

  2. kimberly Says:

    Thanks Mary Ann! That’s good because I am keeping it simple this time. The characters will be a little more refined than my originals. Maybe I’ll post a work in progress soon. My new graphic designer Rocks!

  3. I like your original the best too! I mentioned AV in my latest blog post.

  4. kimberlymoore Says:

    I’m glad you like my early scribbles! The new look will simply be them with the added art class and a little more care and thought. I love the way they are coming along and can’t wait to share them soon!

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