Nothing Dead.

July 15, 2011

“Deadline” what an ugly word.

With the support of some lovely friends, I have decided to take away the “DEADLINE” charts from my home.

If I need to stop selling Arithmetic Village books for a month or two, I will live.

Anything will be better than living with dates that paralyze my creativity.

Meanwhile, I have goals. (Such a nicer sounding name)
Most of the elements for Linus Minus have been delivered to the Graphic Designer. She’ll put the pieces together while I finish up the others. The pieces for Polly and Tina are finished. Now I just have to sort out King David and Arithmetic Village and most everything will be done.

My adorable teenagers are in LA for the winter break. James, Zuva and I have returned from a break up north. Next week Zuva will be back in school and I will resume working. I am trying to relax and to know that I am completely remodeling the look and feel. The books, the materials, the website. I may have to shut down for a few months for “remodeling”. And this is Ok. Then I can start clean and fresh.

I am really loving how everything is coming together, and believe the new look and feel is something I am going to be really proud to put out there in the world!

Keep posted.


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