Magic water.

August 18, 2011

As we skipped down the platform to the beach, Nora Jones gently sang  from the cafe across the street. The waves were soft, just a poof, poof, poof, not a crash crash crash.

I scanned the beach for familiar faces, but despite the glorious sunshine, the beach had only my littlest daughter and I, plus a handful of tourists. The polar blast which brought snow for the first time in 72 years was now a distant memory, although really only three days old.

The  bright sun danced on the water like glitter.  Little one said the water looked magic.  She was right.

As I walked, I noticed some writing in the sand. Very neatly, with straight lines someone had written “Minka”.

Minka lost her life  a couple of weeks ago to cancer. She was beautiful and smart and loving.  I mean really beautiful. Her eyes sparkled, her smile beamed.  She radiated. When my little one first met her. she thought Minka was a fairy. She wasn’t even wearing wings. She left behind a 13 year old son and an island of friends.
I looked around the beach for the author, but they were gone. “Minka” just “Minka”. I thought her name needed something more, and since the author was gone, I picked up a shell and drew a heart in front of her name. Yes, that’s better I thought, much more artsy and vivacious. As I was finished a second heart, an extra large wave came from behind. I jumped out of the way and turned around.
“Minka” disappeared into the glittery sea.

With that one wave.

The next waves were smaller.
I stood for a moment, closing my eyes, feeling the mix of sun and a cool breeze on my face and hair.
My five-year old collided into my knees with her hug.
I cried of gratitude.

I fully savored life in that moment.

For us both.

One Response to “Magic water.”

  1. Daring Donna Says:

    Go Kim you rock xxxx

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