October 3, 2011


The fact that I finished more for Arithmetic Village in 24 hours over a noisy bar than I have over the last five months has been bothering me lately. So I decided I needed to go away. First I found a weekend retreat at Mana, but it conflicted with James’ teaching schedule and it was expensive. Then  I considered going to a friends retreat in Raglan, but it was a bit too far away.

I brought up the idea of a retreat to the graphic designer who said she would love a get away but it would be great to go somewhere else on the island. (She has a busy three-year old.)

Easy, I just imagined a free place on the island for a few days. I told my business group what I was looking for, and what do you know?  Ask and you shall receive.   Rosie was leaving and her partner wasn’t returning to their house for a week, coincidentally the same week my middle daughter is at camp. And the same week as my birthday!

So there you go, a week by myself, in the most beautiful home overlooking this magnificent beach. A home where talented Rosie created a beautiful, amazing book in around a month. Let’s hope some of that productivity rubs off on me.

If I am half as happy there as I am with the idea of being there, I just might burst. 🙂


4 Responses to “alone”

  1. Rosie Says:

    Right – you are coming then! I was just going to phone you. If it doesn’t rain, can you water the bean seeds which are in the white poly boxes in the front drive. Hose round the side and please don’t forget to turn it off at wall when you are finished. You are very kind but the book took almost two and half months and that’s just the orginal art work. Still lots to do with photography and illustrator!(I am so off it now its ‘finished’ hope its just a phase.)

    Have a great and productive time and I hope the sun shines too. Love Rosie

  2. So good to read! I have been contemplating needing a retreat myself for many of the same reasons. Have been thinking about it for over a month. Took the bull by the horns last night and just started asking around. Found a friend leaving town for a few days and it fits with my schedule. Wonderful. It isn’t a big beautiful home overlooking a beach but it is clean, quiet, no phone and free. I think it will do fine! Yes, ask and you shall receive! : )

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